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I participate in projects, initiatives, and collaborations that focus on benevolent technology decisions, long-term thinking, and human-centered programming. Through intense research, deep contemplation, critical thinking, and effective problem-solving, I creatively explore the frameworks around which we build our systems of governance, culture, society, and science.

Timescales (in progress)

Based on the works of Freeman Dyson and Stewart Brand, I explore the meaning of time across different perspectives of thought.

Generate Impact

Through a Technical Fellowship with Generate Impact, I worked to establish the guardrails of quality software engineering and DevOps practices meant to serve the world of non-profits and benevolent businesses seeking to make an impact beyond quarterly returns and financial extraction.


With the 2016 Presidential transition in the United States, there was concern about changes in climate policy and the possibility of important climate information disappearing from public view. Guerilla archiving became a common word in the hacktivist lexicon, and I participated by building tools to archive 924 Nasa PMC research papers on climate change and the environment in February of 2017.