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Hungry for Change


Eat better, including way more vegetables. That's pretty much it. There was a lot less prescriptive information than one would think.

Everything Connects


A wonderful short documentary from a 14-year old filmmaker about the impact of humans on the environment. Nothing that hasn't been said before, but it means a lot coming from the youth of today.

Reflection: A Walk with Water


A wonderful documentary about environmental and systemic rejuvenation focusing on water pathways and soil enrichment. Details both problems and solutions, and doesn't ruminate on the pessimistic.

Scotland's Hidden Sacred Past


Silva is such a good communicator that you can't really tell when he has the evidence or he's full of it and grasping at loose threads. Very entertaining alternative archeology exposition.

Bad Girl Boogey


One star for the actual story. Bumped to two stars because the mask and killer concept was good. Multiple false starts to the movie and a few unnecessary twists. The killer was unique, but the rest of the film was just LGBTQ+ social commentary and a lot of drug use. It never really came together.

Werewolve Within


A film that doesn't know what it wants to be. Horror? Comedy? Social commentary? Fun in places and good for times when you're not trying to think too hard.

The Hallow


Better than average folk horror centering of a family attacked by a mashup of zombie(ish) monsters/faeries/infectious sludge. The film is supposed to have an environmental message, but that part mostly feels like an afterthought.

Psyched Out


There are many psychedelic and psilocybin documentaries out there. This one has a nice mix of laypeople, scientists, and consciousness explorers. Worth it for the Terrence McKenna quotes.

Rings of Power: Season 1


Very slow to start, but picks up halfway through the season. Elrond has zero charisma. Sauron is sympathetic first most of the season.

The Expanse: Season 6


Would have wrapped up nicely without the Laconia side story. Overall, an excellent conclusion to an excellent series that more accurately mirrors what our current society would be like in space.

Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness


The plant consciousness portion of the film might have been the best. The documentary toed the line between spirituality and science, and didn't go all-in enough on its concepts.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter


Enjoyable snapshot of the Demeter captain's log from Dracula hurt mostly by the winged creature special effects. Not very creepy or nearly engaging enough, but a good addition to the lore.